For an athlete to succeed on the field, they must know how to balance life off the field. At High Performance Academy, we believe in a healthy balance between school, family, social life, and soccer. With HPA, improvement at soccer will never come at the cost of other facets. Our coaches have an unparalleled passion for the game that builds the foundation for all of our programs. We believe that a player should express themselves, without a fear of making mistakes. Honing technical skills and strengthening psychological aspects are vital in reaching the highest levels of the modern game. This is best achieved through ability specific, individualized training designed by our experienced coaching staff.


By improving your technical ability, you will be able to play with more confidence and become more effective. Through specific techniques performed regularly at the highest level, players will learn to dominate 1v1 situations. They will do this by being able to produce tricks and turns and become more confident with the ball at their feet. Additionally, players will be taught the fundamental techniques such as dribbling, passing, receiving, finishing, defending, heading and goalkeeping. To enhance the delivery of our technical sessions, each player in our training course will use the latest innovative coaching equipment.


Enjoy your time on the ball; this will allow you to make good decisions. Stay active off the ball; this will make you an asset to your team. We will develop the player’s understanding of how to dominate their opponent and ways to combine as a team.


Take responsibility for looking after your body, by how you train and eat. Players will learn specifically how to train their bodies for the demands of the game. Focus on the fundamental movements of agility, balance, strength, speed and stamina. As players get older, they will learn how their game position can dictate their physical training. Players will also learn how fueling and preparing their bodies off the field will give them the best chance on it!


Developing a winning mentality requires strong character and a positive attitude. The whole environment at HPA is positive. Players of all ages have to deal with winning and losing, playing well and making mistakes. We show our players techniques on how to build confidence throughout the different challenges presented in the game. At the HPA zone, self talk and goal setting, are examples of how we help the players remain focused.


All of our programs are a great opportunity for players to develop their social skills. In all the courses, players will be encouraged to conduct themselves as a HPA player and reach the high standards set by young professional soccer players. It will help for our players to listen to their parents, teachers and coaches. Always keep an open mind and ask questions.


Always motivate yourself to give your best. Lead by example, be the best person you can be. Give your best at all times and encourage others.


Be prepared and be punctual. Respect the people, equipment and place where you play.

Fair Play

Learn to win and lose with the same degree of dignity.