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main key features about our online system

At HPA, we make it very simple. The Coach/Player/Manager of the team creates an account for the team and invites the players to join. Our system allows for players to have full control of their team and keeps everyone updated.


The HPA League Winners will be awarded a trophy and t-shirts. In some leagues, individual players MAY be awarded prizes for special achievements, such as the Player of the Season and the Golden Boot.

The Fields

HPA is dedicated to providing its players with the best Soccer League Fresno has to offer. By partnering with Granite Sports Park in Fresno, we can ensure each game is played on the highest quality pitches in the Central Valley. As such, a gate fee of $5 will be charged on the weekends. This gate fee helps the park cover the cost of maintaining the facility.

Qualified and licensed referees are included in the cost of your team registration, so you do not have to worry about paying referees each game.