Free Agent

Add yourself to the Free Agents List for HPA Indoor or Outdoor adult soccer leagues using the instructions below. If we get enough players signed up for a particular type of league (men’s, women’s or coed), we will try to form a house team on a night that is generally agreed upon by the players.

Please note that signing up for the free agent list does not guarantee that you will have a team to play on, which is why we also encourage all players to utilize the WhatsApp Group. See details below on how to join! 

Players Looking for Teams

To join the free agent list, please follow these simple steps:

The goal of the free agent lists is to start off with a very general list, build that list up as much as possible, and then start getting more specific about the team’s level of play and night of play based on the consensus of those in the group. If we are successful in forming a house team or if you are successfully placed on a team, you may be subject to paying any team fees the team manager deems appropriate. All players placed on a team will be required to pay player registration to officially play in our leagues. 

Free Agent