Thursday August 30, 2018- (Clovis, CA) High Performance Academy is proud to announce it’s newest member to the team, John Loera.

For the last 15 years, John Loera has developed, played and coached the goalkeeper position. And now he brings his expertise to High Performance Academy.

John grew up in the Central Valley, playing for many of the clubs in the area. That’s where he was able to gain knowledge and experience from several coaches; all with their own unique backgrounds and perspectives.

“I was not only able to develop into a better goalkeeper through these encounters, but I developed as a coach and as an advocate of the position.”- John Loera.

When John’s playing career came to an end, he dedicated himself to advancing the development of goalkeeper training and goalkeeper programs throughout the Central Valley at several clubs. He went on to pick up goalkeeping teaching credentials and certifications.

For more on Coach John Loera, click here

Welcome to the team John!

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