Chris Lathus, 14, Male Player of the Month!


Lathus, Chris


Chris is an 8th Grader at Alta Sierra Intermediate and plays Central Defender for his club team, Clovis Crossfire. Chris is also apart of the HPA Individual Development Program. Through his hard work and attitude at training, Chris has turned into a leader that his teammates can look up to and try and emulate. Chris is always willing to help motivate his teammates to work hard as well as let them know that they can accomplish the task at hand. Chris was chosen to guest play for an older team in his club, and that is a testament to his hard work being recognized by other coaches as well. Not only has Chris been extremely dedicated on the field, he has been just as dedicated to his school work and earned a 3.6 GPA while being awarded Honor Roll! The staff at HPA are excited to watch Chris continue to improve and wish him the best of luck!

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