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what you need to know about OTC

HPA has grown to be one of the top leading brands in the Country when it comes to Individual Player Development. We have worked many players of all levels around the world! Our Online Training Center (OTC) is NOT FOR EVERYONE! HPA wants players that are looking to get to the next level and just love the game! 

main key features about our online training center

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  • World Class Programs for all ages and level
  • Full Support from our Online Team
  • Video Support
  • Fun & Challenging


Ball Mastery is exactly what it says! Becoming a master on the ball comes with lots of hours, days, and years dedicated to the ball . Work to the point where it feels comfortable, like second nature, instinctive.


Our TECHFIT programs are a combination of top quality technical exercises that is combined with fitness to better PREPARE you for the GAMES!


Specialized Program

You read that RIGHT! With HPA, now you can have your own online coach who will create programs tailored to your specific needs, provide weekly video chat support, and monthly film breakdown. Not to mention that your coach will be there in the most times of your journey to encourage you and lift you up regardless of your location!

Want to chat with one of our trainers and see if we are a good fit for you? Click below to fill out our form!

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important things

Definitely not! Our online training center is for those players looking to become a better player and put the work in! WE WANT PLAYERS THAT ARE COMMITTED TO THEMSELVES! 

All you need is a soccer ball, yourself, and our program! Having equipment is a plus. All of our exercises can be done with home essential supplies. YOU CAN LITERALLY USE ANYTHING!!

HPA offers FREE DEMO program that you can use whenever and however times you would like! All other programs do come at a cost and can be accessed 24/7! 

Yes, our online training center offers programs for players of all ages and levels! 

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Selected members will have access to training videos that will walk you through each section of the program. However, if you need technical support (such as help accessing your training) you can always submit a online ticket for support by clicking here. 

Definitely not, all of our training is digital and you can access it 24/7 with any smart phone, tablet or computer. 

A training partner is not needed as all of the drills are designed to be done alone, however if you do have a friend that you want to train with, this program can easily be done with a partner.

Digital products are non-returnable and non-refundable. We regret, therefore, that once the product has been purchased by you, your order may not be cancelled or refunded. If, however, you experience difficulty accessing or downloading your purchased product, then help is available – please see your purchase invoice/receipt for our support contact details


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