Every year, upcoming and current college players are left to their own devices to stay sharp and in shape for the current and next season. We have worked with numerous players in the past and current D1, D2, and NAIA players to help them reach the college level and are committed to helping those players continue to excel.

Field Training Program Details:

  • Increasing player agility and reaction speed with and without the ball through ladder training
  • Raising the quality and pace of passing and receiving through a series of 1 and 2 touch activities
  • Teaching proper technique of movements such as jumping, landing, moving backwards, lateral, and more
  • Improving technical ability on the ball by maximizing individual touches on the ball every session
  • Players are pushed to dribble, pass, and receive while moving at speeds in situations that are similar to the game
  • Sharpening the players skills

Our program is tailored as per a schedule that best suites them. This program is open to players already in college or getting ready to enter college. It will offer a highly competitive environment to make sure players return to college in game shape, with that added sharpness for the season.


Goalkeeper Training:

The philosophy of HPA GK Program is to teach the proper skill, technique and incorporate our techniques into every training. Whether you are male or female, HPAs Goalkeeping trainings will make you a better and more complete goalkeeper.

Goalkeeping is a unique position that requires specialized training. To address this need, High Performance Academy’s Director of Goalkeeping, Beau Diaz, has created a goalkeeper training program available to all players that are current and are looking to continue competing at the Collegiate and Pro Level. Footwork, handling, distribution, positioning, and shot stopping are the primary emphasis of the program.

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