Philosophy of HPA GoalKeeper Training Program:

The philosophy of HPA GK Program is to teach the proper skill, technique and incorporate our techniques into every training. We want our training to be in a safe and fun environment for all of our goalies. We believe that is important to push and challenge all of our goalkeepers, no matter their age or ability.

Whether you are male or female, HPAs Goalkeeping trainings will make you a better and more complete goalkeeper. HPA coaches are also available to attend youth clubs to run sessions and work with the clubs goalkeepers and coaches.

Goalkeeping is a unique position that requires specialized training. To address this need, High Performance Academy’s Director of Goalkeeping, Matthew Dishno, has created a goalkeeper training program available to all academy players. Footwork, handling, distribution, positioning, and shot stopping are the primary emphasis of the program.

HPA GK Program Provides:




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