Training Program

Where the best get better. 

Professional Environment

Professional & engaging environment for players to improve their game. Our players will develop many habits that will allow them to become a team player.


Qualified Coaches

Coaching delivered by HPA coaches. All Coaches are required to go through a Little Stars Coaching course that emphases on development of the basic fundamentals in a safe and fun environment.

Club Neutural

Our club neutrality allows for our players to have the opportunity to move on to any club that best suites them. After leaving our program, players will have developed a strong foundation that will allow for them to excel in their club journey.

We help you reach new limits.

AT HPA, we believe everyone deserves an opportunity to achieve their full potential. We assist in achieving this goal by creating a fun yet demanding environment, providing a variety of training options and equipment, and hiring the proper coaching staff.

Our training program focuses on the development of a wide variety of technical skills. We focus on the tactical implementation of these skills within the game. Creating a solid technical foundation includes work in the following areas:  footwork, ball mastery and manipulation, passing and receiving, 1v1 and 2v2 attacking and defending, and final third creativity (final pass and finishing). The players will be challenged to use these technical elements in a small-sided game environment. We’ve found that these conditions will ensure the necessary repetition of isolated techniques while under supplementary defensive pressure. This will also develop players’ tactical understanding and help them solve problems in the game by making faster and more accurate decisions.


Free Trial

We offer a Free Trial session as an opportunity to see if HPA is a good fit for you! Fill out our Free Trial form to get started.


Rates vary depending on commitment timeframe and location of training. We strive to training affordable and accessible to everyone so don't hesitate to contact with questions.

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There are several levels to become a parter of HPA– each with its own benefits. For more information, click below to get started! 

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