At our academy, we believe everyone deserves an opportunity to achieve their full potential. We assist in achieving this goal by creating a fun yet demanding environment, providing a variety of training options and equipment, and hiring the proper coaching staff.

Our training program focuses on the development of a wide variety of technical skills. We focus on the tactical implementation of these skills within the game. Creating a solid technical foundation includes work in the following areas:  footwork, ball mastery and manipulation, passing and receiving, 1v1 and 2v2 attacking and defending, and final third creativity (final pass and finishing). The players will be challenged to use these technical elements in a small-sided game environment. We’ve found that these conditions will ensure the necessary repetition of isolated techniques while under supplementary defensive pressure. This will also develop players’ tactical understanding and help them solve problems in the game by making faster and more accurate decisions.


Our training programs are individually tailored to each member. For the most part we follow a structure similar to that of a standard professional team training. We begin every training with a proper warm up to avoid any injuries. We then move on to footwork, balance, and change of direction work to supplement our warm up while working on fundamental movements. This is followed by passing, trapping, and dribbling. Each session will end with position specific work such as shooting, crossing, or defending. Depending on the individual needs of our members the structure can change to provide extra work in areas that require more attention.


Every player’s first training session will be treated as an evaluation. Depending on skill level, strengths, and areas of improvement the player will be placed in the appropriate program. The frequency of trainings and duration of the membership you’d like depends on your schedule and dedication to achieving your goals.

The Soccer Program includes:

  • An assessment of players individual capabilities via standardized tests
  • Placement in an appropriate development environment.
  • A training program targeting areas of needed improvement in general areas (technical and physical) and role specific areas

Areas of interest are:

  • Learning through small sided soccer games
  • 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4  defending and attacking exercises
  • Finishing
  • Basic/Advanced soccer skill development


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