The HPA Club Training Program believes in building upon a solid foundation of basic techniques, the program helps to develop skills, tactical awareness and an insight to the inner game of soccer. This method and philosophy generate immediate improvement in a player’s ability and lasting benefits for an entire playing career. Our training sessions, prepare the players physically and mentally to succeed in the game of soccer. HPA will provide highly skilled coaches who will assist the growth of each club through player development. Using the HPA Soccer training curriculum, we will increase the standard of play within the club through individual skill development.

HPA offers a unique, comprehensive program for young players (ages 7-17). The set up for the program can be at the clubs (Director/coach/manager/parent) discretion. Focus would be upon the skill and technique aspects allowing for all the club coaches to focus their time upon other areas that the team would need to work on.

If you’d like for HPA to provide not only the best learning environment for the team, but most important FUN, fill out the form below! We are committed to helping improve the growth of our local clubs through player development!