Referral Program

Refer a new team to HPA adult outdoor leagues and get a credit (11v11 – $100.00, 6v6 – $50.00, or your choice of select HPA Gear!


What are the requirements for being considered a “new team”?

A new team has no more than 3 players on their roster that have been on another HPA roster in the past 12 months (5 players for outdoor 11v11).

Do I need to be a current player to refer a new team?

Yes. In order to be eligible to receive a referral reward, you must be on an existing team playing in the same season as the new team you are referring.

How do I refer a new team?

To earn your referral reward, make sure the new team’s manager fills out the“New Team Referral Form”. They will need to include your name and the name of the team you are playing on during the referral season on the form.

Please note that only one person will receive the reward. If a “New Team Referral Form” is filled out for more than one person, the first person listed as the referring party will receive the reward.

When will I receive my reward?

Your credit or merchandise will be awarded once the new team is paid in full.

How do I use my credit?

If you choose a credit as your reward, it must be used during the season in which the new team is referred. We will apply the credit to the team specified in the New Team Referral form, which must be an existing team.

How many referral rewards can I earn?

You will be issued a reward for every new team you refer. However, only one person can earn the reward for each new team.

Referral Form