Summer Recap Shoutouts go out to….


Taylor Phillips

This past summer, Taylor participated in the Surf Cup with her club team where she was the top scorer with 7 goals and 3 assists in two games. She also participated in the UC Davis ID camp and HPA Female Camp where she was able to put her soccer abilities to the test. Aside from soccer, Taylor would go swimming and also enjoyed a trip to Pismo Beach with her family.

Xander Carrasco

During the summer, Xander moved from left back to¬†striker, all thanks to his hard work and extra dedication. He and his family took many trips to the beach, lake and to Yosemite. He also attended a San Jose Earthquakes soccer game in Avaya Stadium. Aside from soccer, school took up most of Xander’s summer, where he would spend his time studying. After the hard work, Xander would go out the movies with friends, take trips with family and spend a lot of time with his dad, practicing his shots for soccer.

Annabella Piercey

Annabella, aka Roo, says that one of her best achievements this summer was, “My body became a lot stronger through working out with Jesus, I also gained a lot of confidence during practice”. Along with that, Roo traveled to San Diego for the Surf Cup tournament with her Odyssey team and to the Huntington Beach Tournament. She also participated in the HPA Female Camp where she was able to learn about her strengths and weaknesses and how to become a better player. On her free time, Roo would do homework, hangout with family/friends and attend her private sessions with HPA.

Jacob Rudolph

One of Jacob’s biggest achievements this past summer was that he made the travel team with UC Davis and travelled to play at Chico State and Saint Mary’s. Jacob is a recent Buchanan High School graduate and is now attending UC Davis this Fall where he will studying Computer Engineering. During the summer, he went to Hawaii with his family and spent most of his time training at the gym.

Hannah Martin

This summer, Hannah competed in the Pleasanton Rage showcase and Magic Cup with her club team. Along with that, she also joined us in our HPA Female Camp and says, “I really enjoyed the competitiveness of the camps”. During her free time, Hannah would hangout with friends, take photos and listen to music. Her family also rented a beach house for a month, where she would spend most of her days and nights surfing.

Ian Cardozo

Ian is currently a senior at Clovis High School and says that the best accomplishment he made this summer was with his fitness. With that, Ian feels that his playing intensity increased with training and that he is about to perform for a longer period of time. The way he spent his summer was by training with us at HPA and practicing with a couple club teams as well.

Antonia Piercey

Antonia, aka Tony, Piercey, says that her biggest accomplishment this summer was that she spend a lot of time conditioning and getting fit. Doing this really helped boost her confidence in the game. Tony also played in a couple tournaments with her club team in Pleasanton and Huntington Beach. She also went on a couple family vacations to Lake Powell in Arizona and to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Along with that, Tony also participated in our HPA Female Camp where she enjoyed her experience and was able to become a stronger soccer player. When she wasn’t traveling with her soccer team or at a camp, Tony would do her homework, spend time with family and attend her private sessions with HPA.

Andrew Troxell

Andrew’s biggest accomplishment this past summer was that he was able to score a goal as a defender. Along with that, Andrew says that his ability to read the play and carry the ball up the field had improved. Andrew also had the chance to go to Mexico with his family where he went snorkeling, zip lining and spent a lot of time at the beach. On his free time, he would play soccer, video games and studied Spanish. Also, when Andrew was able to, he would help out at his dad’s office, taking care of the elderly patients with their exercises.

Clara Garcia

During the summer, Clara went to Arizona to visited her family. There, she went swimming, road the gold cart, played soccer and went to the American Girl Doll Store. Some of the notable achievements that Clara made this summer was that she was able to increase the amount of times she juggled to 22 times. She also made a goal with her left foot and improved her footwork techniques. Clara also played with her club team, Cencal Cosmos and says that they placed 2nd at the Dublin Shamrock Tournament. In her free time, Clara would play with her younger sisters, spend time with famiily and hangout with her teammates.

Laith Aryan

One of the best accomplishments that Laith made during the summer was juggle the ball 00 times. Along with that, Laith was able to travel to Las Vegas for a tournament with his club team where they won two games and lost one. On his free time, Laith would practice juggling a soccer ball, go swimming, watch T.V., go to school and hangout with friends.

Jaden Chu 

Jaden traveled to San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Lemoore for three soccer tournaments with his team. His team placed 3rd in the San Francisco Tournament, 2nd at the Breakers Cup in Santa Cruz and st at the Lemoore Tournament. Jaden also took a trip to Las Vegas with his family to see the Blue Man Group and visited the aquarium. He also went to Illinois to see an Ed Sheeran concert. In his free time, Jaden went swimming, rode his bike, played on his Xbox and went to his soccer practices and training sessions with HPA.


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