welcome to HPA. Our diverse range of youth and adult camps is crafted for champions in the making.

Step into the realm of champions with HPA Sports Camps, where legends are forged. Offering a dynamic range of youth sports camps and clinics all year round – coinciding with Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer breaks – we cater to every level of talent and aspiration.

Explore our acclaimed offerings and discover the perfect camp for aspiring athletes of all ages, available in every season. Experience the High Performance difference and see why our camps are the go-to choice in various cities. At HPA, we’re not just hosting camps; we’re training legends, every day of the year.


HPA & Gatorade Team Up!

Hydration is essential for helping your athlete stay in the game and compete at their best, which is why we’re proud to have Gatorade available on the sidelines at HPA Camps! To learn more about why it’s important for athletes to Rehydrate, Replenish and Refuel when they play, click below! 

HPA x Bunk 1

Be the first to know what’s happening at High Performance Academy! We offer a private photo gallery, using the secure Bunk1 platform. Photos are only available to our families and you will receive a snapshot of what life is like at High Performance Academy.

Campers do not have access to computers, and cannot email you back.


Go to www.Bunk1.com

• RETURNING PARENTS will login using their email address and password from previous years.

• NEW PARENTS will click “New Here? Get Started” button and complete the basic form.

• The Invitation Code for High Performance Academy is: “24PERFORM”

• You will be prompted to select a bundle for access to your Parent Portal. Bundles allow you to view photos as well as give you features such as photo tagging and the ability to download high-resolution photos.

Find the right CAMP!

At HPA, our mission is to help your athletes achieve their goals! We recommend to book a no-obligation 15-minute call with one of our Program Coordinator Specialists to learn more about you and your child and select the right program. 10 out of 10 times, our families that begin with a discovery call with specialists have kickstarted their journey on the right foot and have a more enjoyable experience!

ARE HPA Summer CampS Tax Deductible? or FSA Elgible?

As a parent, you’re likely always on the hunt for ways to keep your children engaged and learning during the summer, while also being mindful of your finances. HPA’s summer camps are the perfect solution! Our camps are not only affordable but also tax-deductible, ensuring that both your kids and your wallet are happy.

With a variety of camp options to choose from, including science, technology, sports, and the arts, there’s something for every child at HPA’s summer camps. Our goal is to provide a valuable and enjoyable experience for children while remaining accessible and affordable for parents.

So why not give your children a summer they’ll never forget with HPA’s summer camps? You can rest easy knowing that your finances are benefiting from our affordable and tax-deductible options. Sign up today and give your kids the summer of a lifetime!

Please see a certified public accountant in your state for a full explanation of this tax credit and how it applies to your personal situation. 


Is your Club or organization interested in hosting an HPA Soccer Camp or a Powered by Camp that is branded with your organization! Book a call with our specialist to learn more on how HPA can help you bring the best experiences to your community!