Sunday, May 20, 2018- HPA is proud to announce it’s newest member to the HPA team, Lindsey Dovalli!

Lindsey comes to us from Las Vegas, NV where she started playing soccer at the age of 5. She then moved to Clovis, CA at 13 where her career on the field continued through community clubs and playing at UNLV in 2014. Now she’s attending National University, where she’s studying to get her teaching credentials in multiple subjects in order to become an elementary school teacher.

“I’m looking forward to incorporating my personal experience. I think there’s a lot of things that can be taught from somebody who’s been through it,” Lindsey says, “Things that I wasn’t exactly taught as a woman. I didn’t have a lot of female coaches so I wasn’t taught a lot of the stuff going into college. Like the mental aspect of the game, I think a lot of that gets overlooked more than just the technical aspect. I’m excited to be able to incorporate it. ”

Lindsey also wants to obtain her Masters degree and she hopes to become an athletic director.

“I never considered coaching, but the reason I got into it was that I do have a passion for children. The more I looked back into my career, I realize that I was physically and technically ready for college soccer, but mentally I was not prepared. And I think there should be more of a stress on  the mental aspect of the game because when you think about it that’s just as important as the technical aspect.”

For more information about Coach Lindsey Dovalli, click here.

Welcome to the team Lindsey!


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