HPA & Fresno Unified SchooL District Partnership brings more access & resources to sport to FUSD Families! 

We are extremely proud to present Extended Learning programs to FUSD Families. Our programs will play a significant part in every child and adolescents life, as there is a great benefit in sports.

Physical movement plays a significant role in the person’s every day life and it is important to maintain structure, rules and regulations.


Summer Camps

WInter Camps ’23

HPA x Bunk 1

Be the first to know what’s happening at High Performance Academy! We offer a private photo gallery, using the secure Bunk1 platform. Photos are only available to our families and you will receive a snapshot of what life is like at High Performance Academy.

Campers do not have access to computers, and cannot email you back.


Go to www.Bunk1.com

• RETURNING PARENTS will login using their email address and password from previous years.

• NEW PARENTS will click “New Here? Get Started” button and complete the basic form.

• The Invitation Code for High Performance Academy is: “HPACAMPS”

• You will be prompted to select a bundle for access to your Parent Portal. Bundles allow you to view photos as well as give you features such as photo tagging and the ability to download high-resolution photos.


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