Your Best Self, Your Best Career: Join HPA

At HPA, we don’t just offer jobs; we offer lifestyles. We’re redefining what it means to go to work by setting a new standard in employee well-being. If you’re someone who values your health and strives to be the best version of yourself, read on to discover how HPA is the ideal workplace for you.

Become Part of Our Growing Community

Since the inception of our Employee Wellness Program, participation has soared and so has team morale. A strong, united team that’s mentally and physically fit doesn’t just make HPA a great place to work—it makes us a force to be reckoned with in our industry.

From Athlete to Advocate

Many of our team members have deep roots in sports, having spent significant portions of their lives pursuing athletic excellence. At HPA, we intimately understand the unique transition from an athlete’s high-octane world to navigating new terrains post-career.

Your Second Wind Awaits

For those who’ve experienced the thrill of competitive sports, HPA offers an environment to reignite that passion. And for everyone on our team, we provide opportunities to chase new aspirations, goals, and peaks.

Fridays at HPA: Get Fit and Get Paid!

Start your weekend right with our exclusive Employee Wellness Program. Every Friday, we host a free team workout session that’s not just good for your body and mind but also for your wallet. When you attend, you’re on the clock, getting paid for every moment you invest in bettering yourself.

Choose Your Own Wellness Journey

We believe that wellness is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we offer the flexibility to make our Friday wellness sessions work for you. Whether you’re an exercise enthusiast or a beginner, you’re welcome to join us as often or as rarely as you like.

A Workout Menu That Keeps You Engaged

Our weekly sessions are carefully designed to cater to diverse fitness levels and interests. From high-energy aerobic exercises to strength-building routines and mentally engaging team challenges, we ensure you’re never bored.

Empowering Athletes, Elevating Individuals

Beyond our extensive benefits, at the heart of HPA lies our unyielding commitment to serving individuals who aspire to be their best through sports. Athletes and students come to us with a simple goal: to excel in their sport. But when they leave HPA, they walk away transformed, not just as superior athletes, but as evolved individuals.

Elevate Your Life, Elevate Your Work

Our commitment to employee well-being stems from a simple yet powerful belief: A fulfilled, healthy individual is an empowered, productive team member. Those who join our Friday sessions report greater focus, increased energy levels, and an enhanced ability to manage stress.

Living the Message

We believe that to inspire change, we must embody it. If we’re encouraging our athletes and students to constantly push boundaries, grow, and evolve, then we as staff must lead by example. This philosophy isn’t just a catchy slogan; it’s ingrained in our culture, influencing everything we do.

Looking to join the HPA Team?