HPA & Fresno Unified SchooL District Partnership brings more access & resources to sport to FUSD Families! 

We are extremely proud to present Extended Learning programs to FUSD Families. Our programs will play a significant part in every child and adolescents life, as there is a great benefit in sports.

Physical movement plays a significant role in the person’s every day life and it is important to maintain structure, rules and regulations.

How to Register

Make sure your primary contact mobile number is correct in ATLAS! (Contact your school site to update)You will receive a message with information to sign up. Click the link to view camps for your child.Select and register for the camps you like.Done! You’ll get a text confirmation with your child’s camps details.

After you have selected a programs to fill your child’s summer, you’ll see that your registration form is already pre-filled with the family information that you provided to the district. Please note in order to provide opportunities to as many students as possible, the enrollment is limited to only one camp at this time.

You can also register online by clicking the link below. You will need to provide the primary mobile number that is on file on ATLAS for your child to authenticate your identity.

Find us on Page 40 and 41 of the catalogue!

Check out some of our awesome work in partnership with FUSD

The Power of Sports | HPA x FUSD Partnership

HPA x FUSD Regional Winter Sports Camp | 2022/23

HPA x Bunk 1

Be the first to know what’s happening at High Performance Academy! We offer a private photo gallery, using the secure Bunk1 platform. Photos are only available to our families and you will receive a snapshot of what life is like at High Performance Academy.

Campers do not have access to computers, and cannot email you back.


Go to www.Bunk1.com

• RETURNING PARENTS will login using their email address and password from previous years.

• NEW PARENTS will click “New Here? Get Started” button and complete the basic form.

• The Invitation Code for High Performance Academy is: “24PERFORM”

• You will be prompted to select a bundle for access to your Parent Portal. Bundles allow you to view photos as well as give you features such as photo tagging and the ability to download high-resolution photos.


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