Calling all youth soccer players ages 8 to 12! At High Performance Academy, we’re not just about sports; we’re about shaping futures, fostering talents, and building the next generation of soccer stars. Whether their on location at one of our amazing partner sites, or hosted at our indoor field in Clovis, we’re always thrilled to host our much-anticipated Elite Soccer Camps. Designed for young athletes aged 8 to 12, our camps ignite passion, refine skills, and elevate the game of intermediate to advanced level soccer players.

Elite Soccer Camps offer a golden opportunity for your child to spend their days in the most enriching and rewarding way possible. Unlike any other camp, our camps are meticulously crafted to cover all facets of the beautiful game — from striking precision, unbreakable defending, to unmatched agility. Each session, running from normally 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, is packed with high-intensity drills, friendly competitions, and invaluable lessons, all aimed at enhancing your child’s soccer IQ.

At High Performance Academy, we pride ourselves on our coaching staff. Our team consists of dedicated local high school and college players, as well as former athletes, who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to the field. They are not just coaches; they are mentors who are committed to identifying and developing each child’s unique strengths and abilities.

The investment in your child’s future is just $75 per day at our sports specific camps, an investment that promises not just skill enhancement but also unforgettable memories and friendships. Moreover, every camper will receive a specially designed camp shirt, stickers, and a certificate of completion, symbols of their hard work, dedication, and the fun times at the camp.

Why choose our Elite Soccer Camps? Because at High Performance Academy, we believe in providing more than just training; we offer an experience that shapes character, boosts confidence, and instills a lifelong love for the game. Let your child be part of something extraordinary, Let them be part of a community where legends are made, and dreams are nurtured.

Spaces are limited, and the ball is in your court. Secure your child’s spot today and watch them transform into the soccer star they are destined to be.

Our next Elite Soccer Camp is Spring 2024!

Spring 2024 – At HPA Indoor in Clovis – March 25 through 28th
To view all of our upcoming soccer camps, visit


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