JOGA 559 League & Indoor Center Rules 

Teams & Rosters
A match is played by two teams. The first team listed on the schedule shall be the home team. The team roster shall not exceed fourteen (14) players. Teams can add/remove players on their team until week 3. The team roster is frozen at the end of the third week/game and no changes can be made for the remainder of that season. If a non/roster player participates in a game after week three, those games will be forfeited. Only players on the roster are permitted in the bench area. Any roster issue must be brought forth by halftime. Failure to do so will not affect the outcome. 

Players on the Field
Each team consists of four (4) field players and a goalkeeper. Coed: Consists of 3 male and 2 female players on the field. 
The minimum number of players needed to start play will be Three (3). Three (3) field players and a goalie. 
Coed: At least one of the three players needed to start the game must be a female. 

Substitutions are allowed “on the fly” at any time. During substitutions, the following conditions shall be observed:
a) The player leaving the field shall do so through the door at the bench.
b) The player entering the field shall also do so through the door at the bench but not until the player leaving the field is within one yard (3 feet) from the door. 

Changing the Goalkeeper (GK): 
Any of the other players on a team may change places with the GK during a stoppage of play AND the referee must be informed before the change is made. GKs must have a jersey or bib that distinguishes them from their team, their opponent, and the referee. 

A referee(s) will be appointed to officiate each game at all levels from Joga 559. Their decisions in the game shall be final and unquestionable and shall be extended to players, coaches, and spectators. Referees have the discretionary authority to stop the game for any violation (in his/her opinion) and to suspend or terminate the game whenever, because of the elements, interference by spectators, or other cause, he/she deems necessary. 
The referees shall:  
(a) control the clock, (b) keep an accurate account of the score and the player scoring (c) supervise the timing of all penalties, and (d) turn in the game report to the front desk, with signature by the referee(s). 

The Duration of the Game:
All matches will consist of two (2) twenty-five (25) minute “running time” halves with a three (3) minute break at half/time. No timeouts. The format may be changed by Joga 559 Management pending league makeup. 

Start of Play: 
The team listed first on the schedule will be considered the home team. The home team will kick off the ball. When there is a jersey color conflict the home team will have to change or wear Joga 559 provided bibs for the match. The bibs can be checked out at the front desk before the game starts and must be returned at the match’s end.
The ball may be kicked either forward or backward. Every player shall be on their side of the field and the opposing team must be outside the center circle.
ALL kicks are indirect kicks (excluding start of play kick-off and PKs). The teams must switch sides at half-time. Stoppages of play for any unforeseen reason shall be restarted by an indirect kick by the team that, at the referee’s discretion, last had possession of the ball. 

Ball in and Out of Play: 
The ball is out of play when it touches any part of the netting above the dasher boards. Restarts for balls going out of bounds shall be an indirect free kick from the point closest to the netting where the ball went out of bounds. A hand must be on the wall when playing the ball back in. Balls hitting the netting above the dasher boards on the end line will be restarted by a goal kick or corner kick. The defending team shall stand at least 1 yard (3 steps) from the ball for all free kicks and kick-ins. The team with the ball, including the GK, shall have five (5) seconds to put the ball back into play once they have the ball. Failure to do so will result in the ball being turned over to the opposing team with an indirect free kick. If the GK does not play the ball in the five (5) seconds the opposing team will be awarded an indirect free-kick at the top of the GK box. 

Method of Scoring:
A goal is scored when the ball passes completely over the goal line between the goalposts and under the crossbar. Goals can be scored from any location on the field. A direct shot from kickoff is a method of scoring. The team with the greatest number of goals shall be declared the winner. If at the end of the play, teams have the same number of goals, the game shall be considered a draw during regular season play. If it is a playoff game, please see below in the section Determining the winner of Play-Off Matches.   

There is no off/side rule in the league games at Joga 559.  

Fouls and Misconduct:
Fighting: Will not be tolerated and if it occurs player(s) names and membership will be turned in to the Joga 559 Management for evaluation of the length of the suspension, fine, and/or permanent termination of membership privileges to participate in soccer at Joga 559. Any participant or guest who attempts to strike a player, referee, staff, or spectator or joins a fight in progress will be punished by the full extent of the law. All games are recorded and will be turned in to the Clovis Police Department if deemed necessary. 

An indirect free-kick will be awarded if a player:
Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
Trips or attempts to trip an opponent
Jumps at an opponent
Charges an opponent in a violent or dangerous manner
Charges an opponent from behind
Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent.
Holds an opponent Pushes an opponent
Charges the goalkeeper while he/she possesses the ball in their hands 
Slides or slide tackles / any sort of slide by a field player whether going for the ball or not, no matter if contact is made or not, is considered a slide. GK can slide to make saves if they are in the box, sliding outside the box results in a foul 
Kicks the ball while on the ground (Dangerous play) Obstructs an opponent with no attempt to play the ball. When playing as a GK and within their penalty area. 
The GK picks up the ball with their hands when the ball is intentionally passed back to the GK by their teammate. This will result in a PK. 
If any of the above is committed by a defending player within the penalty area, a PK should be awarded. 

A Yellow Card, a “two-minute penalty” can be awarded if a player:
When a player receives a yellow card, a two-minute penalty: the player will serve the two minutes in the bench area, and his/her team will play shorthanded for the two minutes. In the event of a goal by the opposing team, the team is no longer required to play short//-handed. If a GK is given a Yellow Card, two/a two-minute penalty: another player from the team may serve the penalty for the GK.
Persistently infringes the rules of the game.
Shows by word or action, dissent with any decision by the referee Is being guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct
When a player receives a second yellow/red card: that player will no longer be able to play in the match. The team must play short-handed for five minutes and then can go back to full strength. 

A Red Card will be awarded if a player:
Is guilty of a serious foul play
Is guilty of violent conduct
Uses foul or abusive language
Is guilty of a second yellow card offense

The red card must be shown to the player, the player must leave the field and the bench area, and their team will play short-handed for the full five minutes. The expelled player will automatically be suspended for one (1) week and may receive additional suspension depending on the severity of the incident. After a red card offense, the play will resume with an indirect free kick. (If the expelled player is involved with other teams, in other leagues at Joga 559, that player will not be able to play until the suspension is served) Joga 559 will hold the player’s membership card in the administrative offices until the suspension is complete and the player can return to full Joga 559 membership privileges. 

In the event, a player is shown a red card before the match begins the team may replace the player and not be forced to play short-handed in the game. The player will lose his membership card and must serve the suspension as given by Joga 559 management. 

Once the match has begun, any player (whether on the field or the bench) that is shown a red card shall cause his/her team to play one player short for a full five minutes. 

Any player that has been shown a red card must leave the team bench area, and at the discretion of the Joga 559 management, may also be asked to leave the facility and will be suspended for a minimum of one (1) week from all leagues he/she participates in. 

All Red Cards require a $50 fine for a first offense. $100 fine for a second offense. If a third offense occurs, Joga 559 Management will consider the loss of membership for one (1) year from the time of the offense. Fighting or severe violent conduct can result indirectly in losing membership privileges for one (1) year. A membership card will be held with Joga 559 Management until the suspension has been served and a fine has been paid.

Free Kick:
All players on the opposing team must be at least three (3) feet/ 1 yards from the ball when the free kick is being taken. If the team taking the free kick takes more than five (5) seconds once in possession, the opposing team gets an indirect kick. 
Whoever kicks the ball into play on a free kick may not play the ball again until another player has played the ball. (Ex. Players cannot use the boards to play the ball to themselves.) 

Penalty Kick:
Penalty kicks will be taken from the top of the GK Arc. You have one step to take a shot.
A GK is permitted to move his feet while remaining on the line (i.e., moving sideways or up and down) but is not permitted to come off the line by stepping or lunging forward until the ball has been played. The ball is in play when it is kicked and moves forward.  

There will be no throw/ins. There will only be kick/ins with one hand on the wall, which are indirect free kicks.   

Goal Kick:
A goal kick will be taken by the defending team any time a ball hits the netting above the dasher boards last touched by the attacking team.
The goal kick may be taken from anywhere within the GK box. 

Corner Kick:
A corner kick will be taken by the attacking team any time the ball hits the netting above the dasher boards last touched by the defending team. The corner kick may be taken from the corner of the field on the side of the goal it hit the netting.
All corners are indirect free kicks. 

A restart of Play after the score:
All kicks at the restart of play are considered in-direct kicks. The ball may be kicked either forward or backward. All players do not need to be on their side of the field, but the opposing team must be outside the center circle.  

General Rules
All referee decisions are final. This includes all league matches, weekend and holiday tournament games, or any special soccer events. There will be no confronting of any referees.  

Any individual who threatens a referee shall be expelled from the Joga 559 for a minimum of one (1) year. Management will not hear complaints concerning referees, except in email message form. Please email if you have any concerns about referees and provide your contact information. Joga 559 Management will review all referee complaints and reach out to you to address concerns.  

All red cards issued for fighting can result in a minimum of a one (1) year suspension. The suspension begins on the day the red card is given and is served for consecutive weeks for the duration of the suspension. The player with a suspension will not be allowed to play at the Joga 559 facility, if a problem continues from the player being in the facility charges will be filed. 

Any player that “clears” the bench area during an on-field altercation will automatically receive a two (2) game suspension, a membership card will be given to the Joga 559 Management, and the player cannot participate with any other teams or leagues until the suspension is served.  

The term “bench-clearing” means one or more players leaving the bench area during an altercation. 

If a fight starts after the conclusion of a game, it will result in a forfeit for both teams of their next regularly scheduled game and possibly further suspension. Joga 559 security video will be provided to the Clovis Police Department punishable by the full extent of the law. 

 If a player accumulates multiple red cards, they are subject to severe suspension and possible expulsion from the facility: 

1 Red Card = One (1) Week suspension minimum (possibly more, pending the severity of actions) 

Requires payment of a $50 fine before the return of Joga 559 card.  

2 Red Cards = Three (3) Week suspension minimum (possibly more, pending the severity of actions) 

Requires payment of $100 before the return of the Joga 559 player pass.  

3 Red Cards (1 Calendar year) = Joga 559 Management will consider a (1) Year suspension. The Joga 559 fine if a return to play is an option is $200 before the return of the Joga 559 membership card. 

Due to scheduling time constraints, the clock will not be stopped for any reason except for a serious injury incurred in the last few minutes of the game if the score is within three goals and at the referee’s discretion. 

As players’ safety is our primary concern, an injury will be treated after play has been stopped, while the clock is running. The referee may put up to two minutes back on the clock after the injury is treated. If an injury occurs in the first half the referee can minimize the halftime break to keep the games on the schedule.  

A referee may stop the clock at the last minute of the game for obvious game-delaying tactics (i.e. kicking the ball away, standing in front of the ball, etc.). The clock will restart when the ball is kicked.  

If a team wants to dispute another team’s roster it must be done before the start of the 2nd half to the Administration Desk. 

Appeals: Any long/term suspension may be appealed within 14 days, with a $150 non-refundable payment, and will go through an appeals process. The appeal must be in writing. Joga 559/ HPA management PAD committee will make the final decision on all suspensions. 

Rules Specific to COED Soccer
Each team must always have a minimum of two (2) females on the roster and the field. If a team plays with one (1) female, they cannot have more than three (3) males on the field. If the opposing team accepts before the game starts and allows a team to play with less than (2) females on the field, that will be fine as long as both teams agree to it. 

If a team has no females present at a game, the game is reported as a forfeit. NO EXCEPTIONS! If a team utilizes players from another team, the game is a forfeit. 

Field/Facility Etiquette and Rules  

Food and Drink:
Water is the only drink allowed on the field.
Coffee/tea or sugar-based drinks are not permitted on the field
Food is not permitted on the field.
Gum is not permitted on the field.
Spitting is not permitted on the field. Alcohol is not permitted in the facility, parking lot, and facility perimeter.
Smoking is not permitted in the facility, parking lot, and facility perimeter 

Players are not to enter the field area until 10 minutes before the start of their game.
Players leaving the field must exit quickly and orderly using the proper exit.   

Spectator access to field viewing areas is via the outside perimeter of the field.
Spectators are not permitted to walk across the fields at any time.
Children are required to sit with their parents/guardians throughout the game 

The Ball
The ball must be a Joga futsal ball. The ball shall be judged fit for play by the referee and or facilitator and shall not be changed during the game unless authorized by the referee/facilitator.
The facility is not responsible for any stolen balls.  

Player’s Equipment
If there is controversy or debate over the safety of a player’s equipment, the referee will have the final say in its eligibility.
Players shall not wear anything dangerous to themselves or another player.
In the event both teams have the same-colored jerseys/uniforms, the home team must wear alternate jerseys and/or HPA Joga 559 Bibs.
All teams must have their jerseys with numbers. Teams that would like to order their jerseys through Joga, please send an email to  

Team Player Roster
Roster changes are not ALLOWED after game week 3! Match will result in a forfeit and a $50 fine if a team uses a player that is not on the roster.  

Fouls and Misconduct
A player shall be cautioned and shown a yellow card if, in the opinion of the referee, the player:
Is guilty of unsporting behavior
Shows dissent by word or action
Persistently infringes the rules of Indoor Soccer
Delays the restart of play
Fails to respect the required distance when play is restarted with a corner kick or a free-kick
Enters the field of play without the referee’s permission other than in the act of substitution
Deliberately leaves the field of play without the referee’s permission other than in the act of substitution or directly returning to the team bench after serving a time penalty
Slide tackles or attempts to slide tackle  

A player shall be sent off the field of play and shown the red card if, in the opinion of the referee, the player:
Is guilty of serious foul play
Is guilty of violent conduct
Spits at an opponent or any other person
Denies the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball (this does not apply to the goalkeeper within their penalty area)
Denies an obvious goal-scoring opportunity moving towards the player’s goal by an offense punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick
Uses offensive, insulting, or abusive language and/or gestures
Receives a second caution in the same match  

Time Penalties:
A player committing any offense may be given, at the discretion of the referee, a 2-minute time penalty
A player who is cautioned shall serve a 2-minute time penalty 

Red Card/Ban and Fines
A player receiving a red card will incur a $50 fine that must be paid in full to the HPA office before the next scheduled game. If payment is not received by the start of the next game, the player and their team will forfeit the game and a default score of 3-0 will be awarded to the opposing team
Banning players may result in suspensions, point deductions, or expulsions from the league without a refund to the player or team
Violent behavior towards the officials or other players will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the league and/or fines.
Reviews after play has ended: If the game has ended, Joga 559 management may only undertake a ‘review’, and take the appropriate disciplinary sanction, for mistaken identity or a potential sending-off offense relating to violent conduct, spitting, biting, or extremely offensive, insulting and/or abusive action(s).
If a player receives 3 red cards throughout a year playing Indoor HPA will review the player’s discipline record and will have the authority to ban the player from High Performance Academy Indoor Center and any Joga 559 related events.  

Kicking Procedures
Free kick:
All free kicks will be classified as in-direct kicks (except for the start of play and PKs) 

Penalty kick:
A penalty will be classified as a direct kick as well and will be taken from the penalty spot  

A kick-in will be classified as an in-direct kick with a hand on the wall. When the ball touches the net over the wall, outline of the doors, and/or the ceiling the opposing team is awarded a kick-in. The team defending must stand at least 1 yard (3 feet) away from the ball.  

Goal kick:
A goal kick is classified as an indirect kick and a player may not score off a goal kick. The defending team must stand at least 1 yard (3 feet) away from the ball  

Corner Kick:
A corner kick will be classified as an in-direct kick. The defending team must stand at least 1 yard (3 feet) away from the ball 

Game Protest:
A team can protest the eligibility of an opposing player before the game has begun or before halftime. The protest must be made to the referee or league staff, at which point they will confirm the eligibility of the player. If a team is found using ineligible players, they lose by forfeit 3-0 and will face disciplinary action. 

League Tie Breakers:
Goal Differential
Goals Against
Goals For
Coin Flip

Determining the Winner of Play-Off Matches (If available)
In the event of a tie at the end of two 25-minute periods, the winner shall be determined by:
If still tied, the teams will go into penalty kicks as per the standard procedure in FIFA’s “Laws of the Game” Law 10 – The Outcome of a Match | IFAB (

Championship Player Eligibility:
All players playing in the final match must have played at least 3 games before the Championship.

Playoffs Player Eligibility:
All players playing in the playoff round must have played at least 2 games before the playoffs.


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