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At HPA, ‘Be Legendary’ isn’t just a motto, it’s our mission in action, as we empower over 10,000 athletes annually to reach their full potential. Our programs are a launchpad for dreams, with over 100 athletes already soaring into top colleges and professional ranks. Nationwide, HPA Camps & School programs are not just about skill development; they’re about crafting legends in the sports world. Join HPA, where every training session, every challenge, is an opportunity to ‘Be Legendary


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HPA & Gatorade Team Up!

Hydration is essential for helping your athlete stay in the game and compete at their best, which is why we’re proud to have Gatorade available on the sidelines at HPA Camps! To learn more about why it’s important for athletes to Rehydrate, Replenish and Refuel when they play, click below! 


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