Reschedule Requests​

Step 1

This form is for players that are looking to get their session/class rescheduled! Your request must be completed at least 24 hours in advance of the session. For your request to be approved, it must meet all the criteria’s  listed in our FAQ. All sessions/classes must be completed before the end of the following calendar month of the missed session/class. For further questions or concerns, please contact HPA at info@hpanation.com

Step 2

Accounted credit make up class/session! Credit must be used by the end of the following month in which the class/session was missed. 

Step 3

Our staff will get in contact with you within the week to schedule the make up session(s)/class. 


Below are the requirements to be eligible for a reschedule.
HPA members are entitled to request make-up credits (re-schedules) for a specific number of classes/sessions in a calendar month, based on their membership level. Below are examples: 
  • 1 x week membership = 1 request per month
  • 2 x week membership = 2 requests per month
  • All requests must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled class/session. In the event of a same day cancellation due to injury or illness, please submit the request prior to the class start time. A doctor’s note will be required.

Unfortunately, sessions that were not completed cannot roll over to the following month. All sessions approved to be rescheduled MUST be completed the following month in which it was missed. 

For sessions/classes to be approved for a reschedule, members account must be in good standing with the following: 

  • No Outstanding Balances 
  • Waivers Completed 
  • Active Membership
  • All make-up credits must be used within twelve (3) months of the missed class/session. 
  • Only currently active and paid members may use make-up credits. Member accounts that are frozen, cancelled, or past due on their membership dues may not use their make-up credits.