High Performance Academy –  Payment, refund, weather, and communication policies:

At High Performance Academy, we want everyone to fully enjoy our indoor soccer facility. To accomplish this, we ask that visitors adhere to a few important rules. Below, you will find our facility rules, as well as our payment, refund, weather and communication policies.

Facility Rules

Play at your own risk.

All players (or parents/guardians for miners) must sign the digital waiver prior to stepping onto the field.

Display good sportsmanship and always respect players, coaches and officials.

Absolutely no fighting or inappropriate language.

No drugs or alcohol permitted.

No pets allowed.

No gum or chewing tobacco permitted.

Respect the arena and its facilities.

Children must be supervised at all times while in our indoor soccer facility.

No cleats! Turf shoes only.

No spitting or throwing trash on the floor.

Clean up after yourself.

Spectators should cheer in a positive manner.

Any violation of these house rules may result in removal and/or banishment.

Payment Policy

Full payment is required to complete a registration and be placed in a class, camp, or a recreational league.

No checks are accepted as payment. Debit, cash, or credit card.

Failure to provide payment in full will result in removal from the class, camp, or league.

Team payments should be paid prior to taking the field on the first game. Full team payments must be paid in full by the first game of each session. If payment is not received in full, the game ball will be held and the clock will start until full payment is received. Teams that do not follow this policy risk being removed from the schedule.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for classes, camps, or leagues once signed up and/or placed on a team.

A credit may be given if the request is made one week prior to the first day of the event. Credits do not expire. Credits may be used for yourself, your child or any family member.

No credits after the first day of the class, camp, or league.

No refunds or credits for players once they have accepted a roster spot on a High Performance Academy team for the calendar year.

High Performance Academy CREDIT

A credit will be issued if it is requested before the program registration deadline for leagues or before the first day of camp or class.

Membership Policy 

Memberships are required for HPA programming. HPA Enrollment Fees are not included in the membership and membership must be purchased separately. Memberships automatically auto-renew based on the length terms you have chosen. If you wish to not have your membership auto-renewed, you must send an email to info@hpanation.com requesting to cancel at least 5 business days prior to renewal date. Memberships are non-refundable.

Weather Policy

High Performance Academy does not reschedule games or classes due to inclement weather.

High Performance Academy does not advise participants to travel in inclement weather advisories.

Due to the seasonal nature of indoor sports, High Performance Academy will do their best to reschedule games, but this is not guaranteed and is based upon availability.

Consent to Communications .

By providing an email address, telephone number for a cellular phone, or other wireless device, you are expressly consenting to receiving communications at that address or number, including, but not limited to emails, text messages, and calls made by High Performance Academy. This express consent applies to each such address or telephone number that you provide to us now or in the future and permits such communication regardless of their purpose.